How it works

Each year (2015-2019), Arla Food for Health seeks science-based research on identification, isolation and characterization of health associated milk components, including validation, quality and up-scaling of such and not least basic mechanisms of importance for the health benefits of dairy products and ingredients in in-vitro, in-vivo and clinical studies.

The goals of Arla Food for Health are to foster new research on:

  • Prevent/Remedy Metabolic Syndrome
  • Prevent/Remedy Malnutrition
  • Enhance Immune Defense/Response

to empower the Vision of Arla Foods:

Creating the future of dairy to bring health and inspiration to the world, naturally...

Arla Food for Health encourages collaboration among researchers from University of CopenhagenAarhus University, their networks and funding agencies in order to bring health to the world by leveraging existing resources and expertise. Arla Food for Health funds both project activities in form of newly generated projects and additional activities to ongoing project activities, if these resemble the specific focus areas of the call. In instances when additional support is needed to enhance existing non-Arla Food for Health funded projects, the principal investigators with an existing grant, either pending or active, may apply for supplemental support if:

  • The project is exploring milk based bioactives and the characterization of their health effects.
  • The project is evaluating the basic effects of dairy foods or ingredients on health.
  • The investigators would like to add additional dairy-related arms/analyses to a conclusive study that was not originally examining dairy foods or ingredients.



For general questions related to the Arla Food for Health research program, active calls for expressions of interest or the submission process please direct these to:

Anne Louise Mørkbak, Director Arla Food for Health

Arla Innovation Centre

Agro Food Park 19
Phone: +45 41607119


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