Guideline for Expressions of Interest

The Expression of Interest should not exceed 5 A4 pages, is to be written in English and should include the following elements (in this order):

  • Project title - as concise as possible. Add project acronym
  • Research area: which of the topics of interest the project relates to
  • The project's main objective (max 3 lines)
  • Project summary (max 20 lines).
  • Project duration - expected start and end
  • Estimate of the project's total budget: attach a completed budget template to the EOI (template available for download here)
  • Applicant(s)/PI's:
    • Name and contact details of the Principal Investigator (mail, phone, address)
    • Name(s) and address of the project manager - title, name, address, phone and e-mail
  • Bank details and accounting contact:
    • Banks - name and registration and account number
    • Accounting contact - name, address, phone and e-mail
  • Project description (max 1 page):
    • The hypotheses for the project and a brief description of the relevant stateof-the-art - concise and broken down into sub-goals.
    • Project content - concise description of the project content, milestones, and requirements for equipment and research facilities.
    • Foreseen Project Outcome, including:
      • Why is it relevant for the dairy industry? Short description of the innovative aspects, scientific and commercial perspectives (include: what news would the proposed research add to existing knowledge; what difference the project could make to people’s health?)
      • How far the project outcomes can be used directly for initiatives that beneficially affect the target group’s health; how could this be achieved?
      • Assessment of the risk of project failure
  • Summary of Experiments and Work Packages (max 1 page, preferably less)
  • Contribution to education - short description of the project's educational contributions
  • Plans for publication
  • Description of the main CVs in appendix (not included in the 5 pages): attach an appendix with names and CVs, role in project and man months committed to the project during the lifetime of the project:
    • A 2-page CV of the main applicant/PI (incl. project management experience)
    • A 1-page CV from leading co-applicant(s) from (other) participating institutions/companies
    • A maximum of 5 CVs should be provided
    • Commitment from all participants in the project.


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