Arla Food for Health Guideline for Expressions of Interest

The Expression of Interest should not exceed 5 A4 pages, is to be written in English and should include the following elements (in this order):

  • Project title - as concise as possible. Add project acronym
  • Research area: which of the topics of interest the project relates to
  • The project's main objective (max 3 lines)
  • Project summary (max 20 lines).
  • Project duration - expected start and end dates
  • Estimate of the project's total budget and the amount AFH is applied for: attach a completed budget template to the EOI (template available for download here)
  • Applicant(s)/PI's:
    • Name and contact details of the Principal Investigator (mail, phone, address)
    • Name(s) and address of the project manager - title, name, address, phone and e-mail
    • If the project, as recommended, has been discussed with Arla scientists, you are welcome to state their names. However, these are not regarded as applicants.
  • Bank details and accounting contact:
    • Banks - name and registration and account number
    • Accounting contact - name, address, phone and e-mail
  • Project description (max 1 page):
    • The hypotheses for the project and a brief description of the relevant stateof-the-art - concise and broken down into sub-goals.
    • Project content - concise description of the project content, milestones, and requirements for equipment and research facilities.
  • Foreseen Project Outcome, including:
    • Why is it relevant for the dairy industry?
    • Short description of the innovative aspects, scientific and commercial perspectives. What news would the proposed research add to existing knowledge?
    • What difference could the project make to people’s health?
  • Assessment of the risk of project failure
  • Summary of Experiments and Work Packages (max 1 page, preferably less)
  • Contribution to education - short description of the project's educational contributions
  • Plans for publication
  • Dissemination plan. Shortly describe potential messages, target audiences and, where appropriate, communication and interaction with wider policy and health service audiences in ways that will facilitate research uptake in decision-making processes and practice. Please contact Kristian Levring Madsen, University of Copenhagen or Claus Bo Andreasen, Aarhus University for help and guidance*.
  • Description of the main CVs in appendix (not included in the 5 pages): attach an appendix with names and CVs, role in project and man months committed to the project during the lifetime of the project:
    • A 2-page CV of the main applicant/PI (incl. project management experience)
    • A 1-page CV from leading co-applicant(s) from (other) participating institutions/companies
    • A maximum of 5 CVs should be provided
  • Commitment from all participants in the project. There is no need for a letter of interest from Arla – the evaluation of the interest from Arla’s side will be done as part of the evaluation process of all EOIs.

* If AFH decides to fund the proposed project the dissemination plan will be further developed. In this process the applicant should seek further guidance and support from the communication departments of Aarhus University and University of Copenhagen. You are welcome to contact the above-mentioned communication experts.

Further Information

Interested applicants are welcome to consult center head Anne Louise Mørkbak regarding call topics, test products and business relevance. Already established contacts to Arla can also be used for the purpose.

For researchers at University of Copenhagen, AFH and the current call will be the topic for a meeting under Strategic Platform for Lifestyle, Obesity and Metabolic Research at University of Copenhagen, Panum building 19th of June, 10.00-11.30. Please contact Martha Dall,

All interested research partners are also highly recommended to attend the application workshop.