Arla Food for Health Application process

AFH follows a one-stage application process based on submission of expressions of interest (EOI). Project activities in EOIs could comprise proof of concept studies or additional activities to ongoing projects, where these specifically address the topics of interest of this call. Interactions within and between Centre members and (inter)national partners are welcomed and encouraged.



The submission deadline for online EOIs is 27th October 2017 at 17:00 CET.

  • Expressions of Interest must be submitted via email following all instructions detailed here
  • If you are experiencing any technical problems or your query is not answered in the information provided on the website, please contact An information session on Arla’s business and health strategy will take place on 2nd October 2017. Meeting details will be sent to all parties registering interest to attend
  • Please read carefully the Guideline for Expressions of Interest before completing an application form.


Review process

  • EOIs will be reviewed, in first instance, by external science advisors and ranked according to science quality.
  • The AFH Steering Committee (SC) conducts an internal review to assess: (i) strategic fit (Arla and University perspective), (ii) business relevance (Arla perspective) and (iii) the science quality as ranked by external science advisors. Projects with a high science quality rating but low business relevance, or low strategic fit, will not be selected.
  • AFH SC approves final selection of projects to be funded for the call. All EOIs should comprise proof of concept studies or additional activities to ongoing projects, and thus levels of funding are commensurate with this type of projects. For an indication of levels of funding, researchers can visit the section on funded research.
  • The Head of AFH communicates decision to principal investigators (PIs) for selected projects, including any requirement for amendments to EOI.


Important dates

07/07/2017 Launch of the 4th Call for EOI

27/10/2017 Last date to submit EOI

15/12/2017 Decision on funding

31/01/2018 Final project approval and contractual