Great opportunities

Your Summer Internship Experience

Your first week as a Summer Intern at Arla

When you start up your summer internship on Monday 20 June you will get to meet your host manager and find out more about the project you will be working on. We will help you get settled in and ready for the next 10 weeks, and you will get to meet your 9 co-interns for the summer.

During the first few days of your internship you and the other summer interns will go on a mini trip through the Arla supply chain, including a visit to one of our farmers, where you will get to meet some of our most important stakeholders here at Arla: The cows. You will also experience one of our dairy sites where we turn raw milk into the products you might know from the supermarket. This kick-off event is important in order for you to get the best possible knowledge of Arla’s business.

A part of your first week will also be devoted to personal development training to ensure you maximise your potential during your time with us. We want to create the best foundation for all our summer interns to get a great experience together as a group.

During your Summer Internship

Now it is time to immerse yourself in your project which you will be working on for the next 10 weeks together with your host manager and your new colleagues. 

After the first week of your internship you and the other summer interns will have a great starting point for continuing networking with eachother socially as well as professionally. We will make sure all 10 interns get the opportunity to share experience and learnings throughtout the summer across projects and the different functions, so that you can benefit from eachother.

After the 10 weeks you will present your project findings to your management team, and receive feedback on your performance and development throughout the summer internship.

All internships will run for 10 weeks, with a set holiday period of two weeks between 16 and 31 July. If your university require you to do a full 10-weeks internship, then you are of course allowed to skip the holiday.

We will arrange for shared housing and transportation to our headquarters, and you will receive a competitive market salary during the internship.