New challenges

Master's Thesis Programme

Arla’s Master’s Thesis Programme

Arla is becoming a leading global company and we are growing. This means that we are constantly facing new, exciting opportunities, and every year we are looking for talented and ambitious students in Denmark, who want to write their Master’s thesis with Arla.

By joining our Master’s Thesis Programme, you will not only get insight into in a global FMCG company, but also get the opportunity to help drive our growth further. We offer challenging business cases and dedicated advisors, who are ready to coach and guide you through a thesis process characterised by freedom and accountability.

Real-life business topics

Once every year, we collect a number of thesis topics from various parts of the business. Your next chance to join Arla's Master's Thesis Programme as a thesis student will be when we post our next Master's Thesis topics in October 2016. The application window will be open until October 26th, the Arla advisors will screen the applications and all applicants will receive an answer before November 11th 2016. This means, that we have to receive your application (synopsis and CV) before October 26th 2016.

Note; we no longer receive applications for these topics.

This year's thesis topics are;

01_STDKA_Students' Perception of Arla

02_MIFII_Agile Project Approach in an International Environment creating Symbiosis between IT and Business

03_MIFII_Big Agile

04_LBK_Cultural Study of Product Texture Preferences

05_MARNO_Perceived Health-related Consumer Benefits

06_JENEI_Energy & Water Optimization

07_SCHIR_Investigating the lactose-free 'trend' in Hungary

08_ANSOH_Brand Ambition: How can Arla create engaging digital content on social platforms?

09_INKJJ_Develop the Future Price Model for our Premium Lactose

You can also find a list of previous Master's thesis topics offered by Arla at this website. Please be aware that unfortunately it is no longer possible to apply for these topics.