Cravendale is the number one branded fresh milk in the UK.


Unlike ordinary fresh milk, Cravendale undergoes a unique filtration process prior to pasteurisation which removes more of the bacteria that can cause milk to sour, but lets all the nutrients and goodness pass through.


Cravendale, as a result of its purity, keeps fresh in the fridge for up to 21 days and our consumers tell us that it has a delicious, fresh and creamy taste.

Cravendale can be found in the milk aisle at all major retailers in whole, semi skimmed and skimmed varieties, in two litre and one litre packs. Whole and semi skimmed is also available in a 500ml pack.


The history of Cravendale

The Cravendale story began on October 10, 1998 when the first bottles rolled off the production line at Hatfield Peverel following £7 million investment in state-of-the-art technology at the site.
Cravendale was initially launched in the Meridian television region to test consumers’ reaction. By spring 2002, it had proved its popularity, made a mark in the fresh milk market and became available nationwide.

Arla Cravebdale


Cravendale recently celebrated its 10th birthday and sales of the UK’s first filtered milk are topping the 200 million litre mark and the brand, which broke the £100m barrier in January 2008, is now worth almost £170 million.

Cravendale is also currently the second fastest growing grocery brand in the country and ranked 33 in the UK’s top 100 brands.

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