Arla Karolines Køkken®

Arla Karolines Køkken® aims to bring the family together through good, simple and natural meals. Arla Karolines Køkken® offers products, recipes and handy tips to enable you to transform natural ingredients into easy, tasty dishes.

Arla Karolines Køkken® is a Danish brand that offers easy-to-prepare recipes, even for people who aren’t particularly experienced cooks. The nutritious recipes, which use seasonal products, are available online at and can be downloaded as apps to your mobile phone and your iPad. You can also subscribe free of charge to a weekly menu plan and receive recipes, shopping lists and handy hints.

Arla also produces a number of different types of cooking products such as soups, sauces and various fermented products under the Arla Karolines Køkken® brand.


The name Karoline dates back to 1958 when the Karoline Cow was established as a symbol of the Danish dairy industry.  The department, Karolines Køkken, was created in 1962 with the aim of developing recipes for teaching and inspiring Danes to use dairy products in their cooking. Since then, Karolines Køkken has also become synonymous with a range of dairy products for cooking. In 2003, the Karolines Køkken department and the brand were acquired by Arla from the Danish Dairy Board.

Arla Karolines Køkken® cooking products are produced and sold in Denmark.

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