In Arla Foods our values build on an ambition which is to create one global Arla Foods. A central part of our values are Our Character: Lead – Sense – Create. We strive to have a leading mindset, a sensing approach and a creating culture.

Lead – Sense – Create must define us in everything we do and say. This is why we have incorporated them into our daily work. With a common character, we can achieve the targets set out in our mission, vision and strategy. The stronger our common character, the better we will become at delivering results. It is all about striving for the highest possible potential.


LEAD is about taking the lead, being in the driver’s seat in all our actions. It is about
being passionate, striving for leadership and identifying the highest potential in our
people, business and relationships.


SENSE is about perceiving our people, consumers and the world around us. It is about
showing integrity, having an open mind, seeing opportunities and high potential in
our people, business and relationships.


CREATE is about developing and being creative in acquiring expertise, products and
market relationships. It is about creating and developing strong potential in our people,
business and partnerships.



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Did you know that 27 % of Arla's workforce are women - Arla has a diversity strategy to drive gender equality throughout our work force.