Arla Foods natural godness - enjoying milk with your freinds

About us

Here at Arla we strive to be responsible and open-minded to your needs and ideas. We aim to make the most out of milk to help you make the most out of life – throughout life.

A farmer owned dairy company

You may not know this, but Arla Foods is a farmer owned dairy company. The cooperative ethos means we all work together to continuously create something stronger and better, for the benefit of our farmer owners. This principle has always been at the heart of everything we do and it is why we are still here today, and going strong, over 100 years after Arla first started. Know more about our cooperative...

Arla and sustainability

We work hard to grow our business in a sustainable manner and can only do this in close collaboration with our dairy farmers and the many people and companies we do business with. And, very importantly, by listening to you. Meet us on Facebook in your local country, or on our group Linked In page to see the latest updates from our company...

Let in the goodness

We want our dairy products to be good for you and give you lots of natural goodness. We aim to bring a little health and inspiration into your life - wherever you are, whenever you feel like it and at every stage of your life. Get great ideas for natural goodness whenever the mood takes you: Visit our brands to learn more